By Anne Gregor


Historical Fiction

Raven is the first book in The Irish Wolves Trilogy, an Adult Contemporary Romance. Situations include burnt cookies, panty wedgies, pond parties, Oklahoma oil, good craic in Dublin, castle ruin exhibitionism… and a deranged dark web stalker lurking in the shadows waiting to smother – Every. Happy. Moment.

Raven Byrne was half Irish, half Native American, and wholly devoted to her two sisters. Together, they started an interior design firm in Oklahoma, Triskelion Territory Designs. Getting hired to decorate Wolves Irish Pub & Eatery by Tulsa oil billionaire legends was just the opportunity the new business needed to boost its reputation. The three O’Faolain men were gorgeous and powerful… Norse Vikings in the 21st Century… Wolves. And one of them couldn’t take his amber eyes off Raven.

Bran was the oldest son of Hugh, the O’Faolain patriarch. He hired the Byrne sisters to oversee the Irish pub venture, a special project to commemorate Hugh’s late father’s life and legacy. What should have been a strictly professional relationship veered off course from the first disastrous meeting. Raven was the woman he had to have, not for one night or year, but forever.

It was all romantic getaways, passion, and commitment for Raven and Bran – until it wasn’t.

Driven by vengeance for crimes laid upon his father, Samuel Delton was a darkly disturbed man whose sole goal was to ruin all chances of happiness for the men he hated most – starting with their women.

Anne Gregor

Anne Gregor has a Master of Arts in History with an emphasis on the Civil War. For her thesis, she focused on Irish immigrants working the transcontinental railroad across America, specifically those who settled in Oklahoma amongst Native Americans. A love for research turned into a love for fictional writing, and soon, every old document Anne ever studied became the premise for a novel. She dreamt of the characters in this book for years, and The Irish Wolves represents their descendants’ story. Anne Gregor has been writing book reviews for several years and is a freelance proofreader. Oklahoma is near and dear to her heart as she lives on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees.

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Happy April Everyone!

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