As soon as I entered Hunter’s apartment, I knew I was home. It just felt like I belonged here. Elizabeth

Elizabeth and the Magic of Dragons brings us to the dragon’s lair so to speak. We are taken to their home of Aerwyna, specifically Hunter’s penthouse. Surprising revelations ensue when Elizabeth is brought to a secret meeting with the Queen of the Dragons. Elizabeth also gets drawn into an underground cadre of men and women, of which her father was a member and deeply involved, committed to besting the evil that is trying to take down the Queen, and killing innocent, pregnant dragons (not to mention blaming everything on the wolves).

Finally…Mason is bringing the dragons’ and wolves’ stories together! I’ve been dying to know who teamed up with Aaron’s dad to kill her father. Plus, (and not super important, but hey…I’m curious) I want to hear how Aaron’s new marriage is working out for him.

There were a couple areas in this book that weren’t my favorite (I try not to dwell too much on these, because it is subjective to how an individual perceives in what way a character ‘should’ act in certain situations). With that being said, on pg. 55 Elizabeth meets Edward for the first time (a friend of her father’s) and gets flustered and hides behind Christian. Come on!!! A woman who is not adverse (AT ALL) to sleeping with four different guys (and making out with one or the other in front of them all) shouldn’t become timid at finding an older gentleman attractive. On pg.’s 80-81, Elizabeth can’t stand the fact that her guys may dance with other women at the party. Really…again, confidence issues seem puerile at this point.

With each chapter, the reader is starting to see the light at the end of the mystery tunnel. Who is that blasted, black wolf anyway?! In case you were curious, the sexual tension really ramps up in this one, (and culminates for one lucky dragon). Oh, and before I forget, Ava Mason’s LOTR (Lord of the Rings for those people not in the know) references make my day 😉

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