I never thought – not in a million years – that I would ever, EVER, read on an electronic device… I have a large home library (in the Dewey decimal system ((yes, including a card catalog)) and have always found great comfort in physical books. I still do, very much so, and will always collect and purchase physical copies from my favorite authors, BUT, come on, the Kindle changed my life! I literally need a hip holster for the thing. I am never without it.

Laying in bed at night with a twenty-pound book hovering over your face is definitely doable, but now we have OPTIONS people. Kindle’s are amazing!! They hurt a lot less when they drop on your face I can assure you! The Kindle I use is the Paperwhite with WiFi, that way I can download any book as long as WiFi is available. Perfect! The Paperwhite also looks just like a book page – very matte – with a built-in light so I can read in any lighting.

The new Paperwhite is waterproof!!