I’m sorry for who I am, for what I’ve done, for what I was and might be again. Luce ‘Conquest’

I’ll begin with the trivial bits first – love interests for Luce (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face). Okay, so let me dissect the “almost, most important thing” – love interests for Luce. ♥ I was all over the place on where Hailey Edwards wanted to ultimately lead me – I wanted Point A to be a brisk, 5-minute walk to Point B. I like my I’s dotted and my T’s crossed – well, Edwards doesn’t care that I want it neat and tidy – instead of my little walk, Edwards signed me up for an Iron Man competition before I could get to Point B… (and OMG, she’s killing me – I still don’t know) Remember – I am the one who likes to be #Team(enter guys name here)…

We have the new partner (aka, the man who moons over Lucy from afar) versus Cole (aka, Conquest’s centuries-old boy toy turned Luce’s dream guy), and Ezra (aka, no clue – calls from an unplugged rotary phone). Problem one – I waffle between who I like better (insanity because…Cole). Problem two – (and probably more important) I always get nervous that a really old charun could be family.. so yeah that kind of kills it. Problem three – is Ezra the new partner’s dad? (And why do I care about a character that literally has no facetime?! – Because that is the twisted road the author is leading us!!

Do not let my romantic side distract you, Bone Driven has an even more powerful storyline than Bayou Born. We know the characters already, we see even deeper into what drives them, and, most importantly, how far they are willing to go for each other.

Since the whole book rated an F4 on the Fujita scale, expect massive damage from tornadic winds, Iron Man fatigue, and forget your brisk walk – you don’t get one. I hope everyone understands – Bone Driven is Amazing.

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