No one can say Vivienne Savage isn’t on trend with Divine Ambrosia… Reverse Harem much♥ So – RH has been around, but the offerings have never been as plentiful as they are now. Maybe you’re wondering, what with all the choices, does Savage even rate – the answer is – Yaaasss

I read everything (pretty much) (a lot of American Civil War – ok, not funny, quit fake sleeping), I didn’t pick up an RH until quite recently (romance snob – never thought it would work). I was surprised at how tricky it was for the author to get right! We’ve all read novels where love triangles are alive and well, the woman waffles, makes good and bad lists about the men, tries them both on for size (😉), chooses one, destroys the loser’s will to live – the End.  In an RH, there are no losers (kind of like children’s sports now), there is still the same set of ‘normal’ relationship woes – love, disappointment, anger, jealousy, lust – on a much larger scale. Quite the balancing act for all involved – not to mention the necessary author acrobatics.

Regardless of the genre, Savage’s talent lies in her ability to force the reader’s involvement through characters who are real (even in fantasy a character needs depth for believability) – you want to know everything about them – you want to understand why they chose path A when path B looks so damn good! I can’t wait to continue Esme (aka Aphrodite) and her Greek god boys’ story in book two, Divine Rival.

I almost forgot – the best thing about an RH is you don’t have to choose a Team. You’ll probably still have a favorite guy (I do but I’m not telling – Luke, Alex, Beau) that you hope the heroine likes the best – but everyone is satisfied in the end…

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