I knew Ken Norton’s story would get to me! The twin brothers, Jack and Ken love one another unconditionally, have each other’s backs and would do anything and everything to keep their small but growing family safe – and yet, it is hard to comprehend how Ken can still function at such a level with his injuries, both physical and mental, past and present. Deadly Game brings the sacrifice and fallout of a wounded warrior’s career.

How does Ken push down his bitterness and flashes of jealousy when he sees his brother’s unmarred face – how does he have the strength to not completely shut everyone out from his memories of torture? If I was a spolierĀ I would throw down all sorts of questions and mind wonderings, but, alas, I am not and so I will quit by saying Ken’s story is sad and both he and Mari have their share of insecurities, yes, but it is also dark, dangerous, brilliant and inspiring! Christine Feehan doesn’t make their problems magically disappear but works through them and with them – she manages to pull off a feng shui novel!! Ken and Mari live theirĀ lives without what the world would consider perfection, but perfection to them.♥♥♥

This fifth installment in the Ghostwalker series has a strong message – the struggle of wounded warriors, both physically and mentally scarred, is a subject that should be covered – they are heroes and I love Feehan’s dedication! This series (for the 5th time now) is amazing! I’ve already downloaded book 6, Predatory Game (even though I have a backlog of books to read and review) (Sorry not Sorry – the Ghostwalkers have taken over!).

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