So I finished the seventh Ghostwalker novel, Murder Game, and as I’ve come to expect – it’s an all-inclusive buffet of mystery, murder, and mayhem (romance too of course – the good kind – the let me grab a sip of ice water to cool down kind)!! Christine Feehan, no matter the series and subject, infuses her books with all a reader wants – characters with direction that mean something to us and storylines that are crafty enough to flummox even a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. I’ve said it before, but it is glorious to have a series that allows you continued enjoyment of previous beloved MCs! And btdubs – Feehan seriously impresses with her military maneuver, special ops chops – she knows what’s what!

Confession time – I did peek ahead to see that the seventh book was Kaden Montague and Tansy Meadows’ story (yeah, yeah I swore I would read the series blind – I screwed up ok – and only once). Confession #2 – I wasn’t super stoked about Kaden – I wasn’t even sure why until partway through the book. Again, Feehan led and I followed… Kaden is the quintessential Ice Man, so icy in fact, that the stone mad pretty much faded to a rock wall backdrop (a highly destructive rock wall – but curtains nonetheless). I didn’t totally tune out his earlier bits but there was no hyperfocus on him, like “OMG, please let his story be next.” Feehan created Kaden’s icy, ‘non’ personality for a reason, of which the reader will discover as they begin Murder Game. I ended up enjoying Kaden and Tansy’s book a lot (which I really never doubted – because – I’ve not taken a wrong turn with Feehan yet). The Ghostwalker novels remind me of an Aston Martin Vanquish – fast and sleek with all its moving parts perfectly timed – a fine dining Badassery of cool 😊

I hope you will continue with me on my quest to reach Covert Game and if you do not have this title yet, please use the link below to order Murder Game now! Come back and see me!