When an actor or actress gets typecast into similar roles time and again – and then they try to step outside of the ‘role’ box – and people are like…what were they thinking?!!…this may also hold true for some authors. Well, that is kind of what my attitude was going into Catwoman – I wanted to read it – but – you know – there was Court and Throne sort of hovering in my periphery…insinuating – not outright saying…that DC Icons didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell in competing (and I maybe agreed a little – with the VERY expressive and well-spoken silent critique from the previous series). Turns out, I was wrong (judgy and wrong) (so were they!). Sarah J. Maas took the party to Gotham – and holy cattle-compost Batman – Nice Work!!! I should have known – I should have never tried to keep this particular author in the Feyre corner – obviously, Maas can rock any realm.

How did the MCs stack up? Selina and Luke…one does not outshine the other – and man that is impressive! We’ve all read books that use the third person multiple point of view and I love them, but if one character is weakly written, then their parts are annoying until you can get back to the character you actually like. Maas doesn’t have weak characters so this never happens and switching between Luke and Selina is magic. Ivy and Harley, the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, and even Luke’s parents will capture your attention – you want to know more about them! Fear not, this series may trek another trail, but you will definitely want your overnight gear – it’s a keeper!!

I hope you decide to begin this series – or if you’ve already read the book leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it! If you need to order a copy please help support my site and use the link below. Have a great day and come see me again!