The Scary Godmother summation: sexual tension

Click on the music clip below and let Snoop Dogg and the Pussycat Dolls set the mood for this review¬†😉

With ST in mind, is that all the reader will come away with after reading The Scary Godmother – Nooooo! It’s only my current tensiony mood making much ado and it just happened to crop up early in the review – and yes – I believe my thoughts warranted background music – and no – I won’t tell you how much tension and/or if any said tension was relieved…

Things I love about this series:

1. Skylar – feminine and tough, magical (hello sylph) and hardworking, she’s not a whiner, gets her hands dirty and is loyalty defined – an MC that holds your interest, gifting the reader oodles of mystery and mayhem

2. Gabriel – (aka Gabe & Sky) would Skylar be as interesting without Gabriel’s character – yes – (you can’t turn a corner at PNRU without bumping into a “person of interest/possible bf for Skylar”…Julien, Dain, even Eldan (very mysterious brothers…hmmm)) but, do you really want to know what the series would feel like without the shifter raven (and the jacked-up on steroids sexual tension between the two)

3. Pilar, Lia, Ben, and Holly – best buds with highly interesting personalities and backstories – truly – the author gives it all up for us

4. The storyline – how do I say this – it is a mysteriously, convoluted, plot twisting, no precognitive guessing, magical soap opera that will make you want to hunt the author responsible and ask the 10,000 questions now wreaking havoc on the wheels and cogs upstairs

***Note – I finished filling out a PNRU application – and no, I don’t have any magical abilities, but I can make whiskey disappear – so there’s that…fingers crossed!

Eagerly awaiting my post-Thanksgiving, early Christmas gift of Birds of a Feather (releasing November 27) the third book in the series, which I’ve added below in case you’re interested in preordering! Many thanks for stopping in and please let me know what you think of the Paranormal Files series.