As I continue my Iron Man jaunt down Ghostwalker Lane (it can’t be described as a stroll – obviously), I have now finished book 9, Ruthless Game. I’ve pondered how Kane and Rose’s story differed from the rest – what made this novel stand out from the previous eight…? Up until this point, and even continuing throughout this one, the teams and the individual MCs are ghosting around the bad juju Whitney landmines. They are also hyper-focused on who are the other megalomaniacs helping and/or hindering the unhinged doctor – so again, what makes Ruthless Game special?

For me, it came down to Rose’s pregnancy (and that isn’t a spoiler, Kane already told us she was!). Rose knows no other life but the one provided to her and her ‘sisters’ by Whitney. She was a science experiment and an enhanced soldier. Her life was painfully sterile – and so it is for many other Ghostwalkers – but it was how Rose, well… rose to the occasion of motherhood. Yes, Lily and Briony did as well, but Feehan really describes the Hormone Rollercoaster best with Rose. Lily was never alone for her pregnancy (she had Ryland the whole time), nor was Briony (she had her brothers), but Rose, for eight months, singlehandedly and methodically prepared for giving birth – and not the hospital epidural kind. Rose was logical and strong- and when Kane finds her (again, not spoiling – you KNEW he would), I love that Feehan allowed Rose to crumble for a moment, to need someone, to still have a modicum of trust… Make no mistake though, Rose is still a soldier.

*Note – Please tell me that I am not the only Feehan fan to think she may (no confirmation yet of course) be a retired Ghostwalker turned author… Anyone… If you don’t agree, then tell me how she is able to write team maneuvers in such detail – down to the breathing, position, rifle height, body angle, wind velocity, shadowed alcoves, throat slitting, head losing, blood spattering, camouflaging, telepathic scenes that are always, and I mean always, so legit?!! Explain that!

*Awkward Note – So Rose describes Kane’s smell as outdoors and predator… I don’t know what that combination could possibly smell like, which brings me to a genius solution. Wait for it – scratch-n-sniff editions – sure it would cost a little extra, but you know…curious minds and all that.

*Note of Guilt – I am no longer reading the Ghostwalker novels blind (not looking ahead) – after Ruthless Game, I immediately downloaded book 10 Samurai Game – wait a minute – that doesn’t sound like the title of Javier’s story – Oh. My God. it isn’t (profanity) – so in desperation – I looked at every SINGlE remaining book in the series, including Toxic Game that doesn’t come out until next year. This has been my first disappointment with the series😖

I hope you enjoyed this review and come back to visit often! I try to keep New and Coming Releases in my calendar, kind of a monthly one-stop-shop! The link to order Ruthless Game is below.