I would have written this review a few days ago but I had to wait for my puffy, red eyes to subside… Yes – you will cry when you read All Dressed in White (if you don’t at least sniffle please be concerned that you were abducted by aliens and are no longer human – bummer). I didn’t believe Charis Michaels could out-write Any Groom Will Do, the first book in The Brides of Belgravia series, but she most definitely did!

Tessa St. Croix – It is her part of the story that will get you – we already learned in the first book that she’s pregnant so I’m not spoiling her condition by bringing it up – mysterious circumstances indeed… She lands Joseph Chance with the dowry laden, business investment advertisement… you may start to cheer (I did!) – and then – you realize she isn’t going to fess-up on her baby bump pre-matrimony…oh no, oh no, oh no. Joseph needs his own fairytale story and Tessa is RUINING it! Do I even like her anymore? Miffed that one of my favorite Michael’s characters is about to have his hopes horrifically vacuum-seal sucked out of his body, I considered this second book may be a loss – annoying.

I told myself to get a grip and just continue on (so I had a mini adult tantrum – big deal). I did, and wow, Worth It! As the author continues to let us know more about Tessa, who she really is, how she really feels about getting married, and most importantly, why she concealed the truth of her pregnancy even after she had come to know Joseph’s character, you are entranced. Halfway through the book – Joseph who? – okay, admittedly I still think Joseph is amazing but Tessa’s story… I can’t tell you how real, how honest, how heartbreaking it is. Michaels has written a storyline with dark undertones, made her readers face them along with her characters, and still managed to pull out gentleness, joy, and love, and especially laughter. It is why I keep reading her books and why I hope you do as well.

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