…How to describe Leopard’s Run… Russian nesting dolls. This eleventh installment in the Leopard series has a mystery inside a mystery, inside a mystery, snuggled in a plot twist, and cocooned in WTH is going on now – an ant hill of antagonists, leopard whisperers, baked goods (some really burnt baked goods), familial double-dealing (serious duplicity), double shots of espresso, and an all-around mansion of badassery. In short-hand, Feehan in her element. I decided early on that I could only love-love Leopard books set in the bayou (vs only love) – then the stone-cold Russians started buying up prime real estate and my decisiveness back-peddled. Fyodor’s story was not only written well, had antagonists coming out of the woodwork, and was heartwarming all in one – his brother Timur’s story was all that and more. Timur needed a woman to love, a woman who would love him, and a woman who could take the ugly with the good. Ashe not only took the ugly but could take the ugly out – permanently. Together – a total BA power couple! 💙💙💙

*Note – Downside – this is currently the latest leopard novel out and as yet, no word on when the next one will be released or who it will be about – my guess – Gorya – or possibly Charisse (which means – I hope – her story would include Mahieu).

*Note – I’ve been talking to my inner leopard (her name is Whiskey) after reading the first book in this series (you know… just in case). Still no rippling on my skin or fur (I got excited one day… it was only crepey skin and an unwanted chin hair🙁), mating impulses are in working order – maybe I am too old, maybe she’s just shy, realized my teenage years could have been affected by the Han Vol Dan (yes!! a valid excuse), and then finally, I considered that it was never a leopard inside of me but the glorious whiskey nightcap I enjoy daily once in a while.

This eleven book series appears to be full steam ahead!! I hope my subscribers are loving it as much as I have!

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