Not a single brother to be had in this Black Dagger Brotherhood installment – was it less appealing, attention-stealing or page-turning glorious? Hard no… J. R. Ward could rewrite a dictionary and I would be like… dayum… she had me at A…

*Note – Ward should write a book of BDB idioms – coffee table meet your new BFF.

When Ahmare, a female desperate to save her brother, and Duran, a cult-raised male captured and tortured for over twenty years, collide – it’s all Mate-Scentsy castle edition. One driven by love, one driven by revenge (not to be confused with Rehvenge). Throw a Shadow in the mix of characters and a titanium storyline is crafted. If this installment was meant as a carrot-dangling novella to keep readers eagerly awaiting the next full-length BDB novel (which, btw, releases in April and involves Murhder… no carrot needed) then it did a superb job – however, this Mini Dagger is deadly good and stood standalone easily.

*Note – There are not nearly the comedic and death hijinks that mark the Brothers’ tales (hello… no brothers), but the overall effect – satisfaction (a Ward guarantee).

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