Magic Gifts – Kate & Curran Novella

Even though I still can’t believe that I’ve just discovered Ilona Andrews – it certainly has been no hardship to have soooo many KD novels lined up – let me put my All-You-Can-Eat buffet bib on… I’ve already devoured 10 books and novellas and my appetite is still set on ravenous! Coming in late also has another benefit besides the largesse of the series itself (size does matter 😉). I have been able to use the author’s chronological book order list and slip in all the extra novellas where they flow with the whole story 👼 (thank you little, tiny, baby Jesus).

Magic Gifts allows us to follow Kate and Curran through multiple deathly and destructive meet and greets while giving the reader a mirrored glimpse of the Cutting Edge Crusaders snarky and sweet girly chitchats – some of the same scenes from Gunmetal Magic but viewed in Kate’s POV. Loved.

Kate’s natural state is covered in slimy gore with a sprinkling of intestinal flourishes. Without fail Kate has a never-ending supply of adversaries to strong arm and boyfriends to drive insane – but when she speaks to a person in need, someone she respects, a friend – even if the exchange only lasts the flash of lightning, her words act like prismatic gems… they make each installment in the KD World not just good, but great.

Magic Rises – Book 6

Okay… I’m giving my subscribers one teeny-tiny bit of advice before starting Magic Rises… buy Kleenex (mama drama always makes me ugly cry sniffle) (and… that isn’t the only reason for tearing up while reading Magic Rises… sigh).

Having just finished the sixth full-length novel in the KD World series, I felt like I knew the characters in and out… Kate is always full-steam ahead, no second guessing, never takes the easy road… not a quitter, swallows disappointment without flinching, poetry in deadly motion, a Slayer wielding one-woman army. Curran… well, Curran is a ‘my way or the highway’ kinda lion, he loves Kate desperately (Kate returns the sentiment), brutal but fair, his Beast Lord size tantrums usually only ignite because of Kate’s unfortunate habit of finding the most dangerous places to play (smashing things and roaring equals showing love – so romantic💙… seriously), he is single-minded in his pursuit of Pack safety, he is also single-minded in his pursuit of Kate’s safety. They both have loyal friends – because they are both loyal.

So why the list-o-traits? So yeah… I did have good reasons for thinking I nailed their character analysis (as well as their cadre) – but after this book… Ilona Andrews is continually shifting her story, her characters, how they react… or don’t, what lengths they’re willing to go for their mate and for the good of their people. There was jealousy (lots of jealousy) (with good reason… hmmm… curious?), magic depths discovered, lies and deceit, along with hurt feelings and self-doubt… Andrews definitely uncovered more onion layers that Donkey so eloquently describes in Shrek. Do not, for one minute, think that Magic Rises is all maudlin and mushy – oh no – it is still serving all day fisticuffs and double sword butterflies!

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