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At the end of Maze Witch the author writes that she considers the ending a strong hook – not a cliffhanger – my my my – denial is so ugly… Okay, okay. I know technically that the ending is, in fact, a hook and not a cliffhanger (I looked it up just in case) – but come on!!! I felt like I was dangling over a cliff’s edge! Surely I am allowed my moment of fish out of water gulping introspection.

*Note – All 3 of the Questing Witch installments are phenom – but Maze Witch… well… it’s The Best💙💙💙

I think we all knew that this third book would be pivotal, but wow, talk about a surprise. Pam has been continuing to grow, continuing to adapt, continuing to fight and she has finally realized that she doesn’t need to be like anyone else – she’s pretty brilliant at being herself. Love that Mayer gives us the final pieces to Pam’s mother’s story! Yes!!

*Note – Miniature librarians with extra digits are definitely on my who’s who list of need to meets…

*Note – I would mention Alex and Mac (and their MASSIVE parts in the story) but I seriously do not want to stumble onto a spoiler stone and get hate mail… (you will never, and I mean never, guess what happens) (I didn’t guess and I spend millions of insomniac hours pondering just such ‘what-if’ outcomes).

Elemental Witch (book 4)… you’ll have me at preorder.

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