I understand that the Kate Daniels series tentatively ends with the tenth full-length novel, Magic Triumphs. Crazily enough, it could have ended after Magic Breaks and with great satisfaction on the reader’s part (thank you Little Tiny Baby Jesus that didn’t happen). I only mention this because every novel prior to this seventh installment has had a hold your breath ending – where you slowly exhale while softly chanting, “There’s more. It’s not finished. No worries.” Magic Breaks drags you through treacherous white water rapids – you’re torn up, bloody, beaten, emotionally razed, dizzy and exhilarated with the ride – and for the first time – I thought, okay, I can deal with this outcome… I can let you go… (maybe). Sooo, without discussing why I felt that way (☠☠☠No Spoilers☠☠☠) I am stoked, completely pumped to start Magic Shifts – I mean… what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is left?! What new and painful trial could possibly await Kate? The duo that is Ilona Andrews is crafty indeed. If I were Jean-Luc Picard, I would calmly declare… Red Alert.

*Note – favorite new take-away slang – pork sword.

Both the physical copy and the Kindle edition of Magic Breaks contains the short story Magic Tests. It’s a lovely little school mystery starring Julie. If you would like to purchase your copy I have included the Amazon.com link below. If you would like to receive emails when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Thank you for stopping by and come again!