“Thank you. There’s no one else I could count on for this.”
Shea smiled and I ignored the blood on her teeth. “You’re my ride or die, bitch. I love you.”

Reason #973 of why Brielle and Shea should be nominated for The Best of Best Friends Award.

As the name alludes, Year Two finds Brielle and the gang in, well, the second year of training. Should Brielle be so worried about her dark powers? Should she be concerned about the Prince of Darkness and his interest in her? That would be a hard yes to both!

List of things that haven’t changed: hardcore training (the kind that makes even the reader exhausted), Luke lusting after Donnie, beach parties, calling Lincoln sir, Brielle’s skill with smokey, black neckties¬†(and perhaps a few new dark gifts 😏), Tiffany is still a bitch difficult, fighting every short, tall, midling, sulphuric smelling demon 24/7, relationship highs, broken wings, and angel schemes.

List of things that have changed:

*Note – Really? Did you really think I would give anything away?! I could write a 5-page revelatory monograph about what is thrown down in this second Fallen Academy book and still not cover the plot twists, let alone Shea’s amazing twerking skills💙

Addiction is such a harsh word, let’s try compulsion, yes that fits this new Fallen world better. Readers beware, it takes only a moment, a few written words, and you will feel a¬†compulsion to read, read, and never stop reading Fallen Academy until it decides to let you go.

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