Magic in the Wind – Drake Sisters – Book 1

There was a lull in my reviewing schedule so I decided to start a new-to-me series by Christine Feehan (okay… there was no lull, but…). I plan on tackling the Drake Sisters, then the Sisters of the Heart and finishing off with the Torpedo Ink series – no problem! Magic in the Wind is the first book in the Drake Sisters series launching a who’s who magical sister journey.

Sarah is the oldest and this sweet novella (which also features genius scientist Damon Wilder) not only sets the stage beautifully for the books that follow but allows us to understand Damon’s reasons for escaping to the scenic California coastal town of Sea Haven. All in all, this introduction to the series has provided me with a serious case of FOMO – on to The Twilight Before Christmas!

The Twilight Before Christmas – Drake Sisters – Book 2

The Twilight Before Christmas is the second book in the Drake Sisters series and Kate and Matt’s story. Before I get into all that – Let It Be Known – I’m on to you Christine Feehan! From the beginning of Magic in the Wind, you planted the Hannah-Jonas seed of curiosity and it has been steadily growing at a Jack and the Beanstalk level and I have to wait until book five to climb that monstrous vine – not cool ☠☠☠

Matt – there aren’t near enough Matts in the world – big, strong, loves his family, loyal, patriotic, decorated U.S. Army Ranger, skilled designer and carpenter, and most importantly, he doesn’t let a little thing like magic put him off his stride. Oh, and he’s never faltered in his love for Kate Drake.

Kate – second oldest Drake sister, bestselling author and lover of all things Matt Granite. Kate is strong as one of the seven but feels she falls short individually – thankfully Matt is able to show her the error of her ways.

*Note – Christmas wreaths can be used against you. ❄❄❄

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