For those of you who do not know how to swim – BEWARE – Shannon Mayer drops you at the deep end of the pool in Elemental Witch! I did NOT foresee the fourth book taking all the crazy left turns. I imagined a few steep climbs in store for Pam, several bumps in the road no doubt, but I never ever imagined the Mt. Everest of plot twists (inner thoughts went something like this: No. Noo. Nooo. Noooooooo Way!).

This is a hard review to write. Why? My brain is screaming at me to write everything #spoilworthy that pops up. I see dialogue scrolling in front of my eyes that I want, no need, to discuss. I will tell you that Mayer manages to maze-you-up so completely you might be reduced to babbling. Is this real? Is this a dream? Does Pam have clothes on? Is Mac alive? Is Alex asleep? Is Oka… Oka? Basically, Elemental Witch is a WTH finale on an opiate¬†high that will, I have no doubt, send you careening for spoiler chat rooms, a double shot of whiskey, and admittedly, grant satisfaction.☠💙☠

*Note – Query – If I think Alex is the most special person in the whole wide world then why do I keep wanting Mac to pop back in the picture and tear Pam away from him? It absolutely makes no sense. Do I need to be medicated? Am I flighty? Do I have a conflict fetish? No, no and no. I’m blaming sensory overload squarely on the author.

Questing Witch has been a wild and fantastical ride! I hope everyone gives this series a try! Message me here, FB, or Twitter and let me know your favorite bits💙 If you would like to order Elemental Witch please¬†use the link below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Thank you for stopping in and come back soon.