Here is how I thought the Safe Harbor storyline would go: Jonas would continue to chastise Hannah for a sundry list of crimes, real and imagined because this is how Jonas expresses love… Hannah gets more and more hurt by his jibes. To prove he isn’t her boss she starts going on dates, enraging Jonas and throwing the whole Drake household off-kilter. In the midst of stalker fans getting aggressive with Hanah, Jonas decides to kidnap her and force her to admit she has feelings for him (all the while convincing himself it’s for her safety only), etc., etc., etc. So, uhm, yeah… I’m not buying lottery tickets anytime soon. My chant while reading the first part of the book: No way. No way. No way. No flipping way!

It is too onerous to discuss the pivotal scene that changes everything without giving away THE storyline. I will tell you that what I thought would be a grumbling he said, she said, back and forth Jonas and Hannah tit-for-tat until 💙’s and 🌹’s pour from the heavens to the seas type of outline turned into something much deeper and life-lesson real than I ever anticipated. As readers realize from previous books in the series, Hannah has a very skewed vision of who she is, her importance in the family, and her overall body image. Regardless of her success, Hannah’s struggle with self-worth will hit a sensitive note with many. Serious issues and heartfelt family drama aside, Safe Harbor still abounds with laughs, giggles, deadly threats, and passion. I loved that I was so off in how I thought this 5th Drake Sisters novel would travel – the journey was thought-provoking and overall, lovely.

*Note – Warning – Have tissues ready for the gut-wrenching cry-fest Feehan drags her readers through during the Letters to Hannah portion of Safe Harber.

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