Winter is Coming… I finished the last book in the Drake Sisters series. Elle is the youngest sister and her story in Hidden Currents is the finale! Readers have always known it’s Jackson for Elle but then Feehan steps in and you begin to read and – Whaaat… Nothing, and I mean nothing, goes as planned (obviously my misguided vision – not the authors🙄).

In each of the Drake Sisters’ books, there is always darker powers lurking, entities of evil and just plain rotten-to-the-core humans but a lot of humor and love is injected into each storyline even when the subject matter isĀ  deep (and Hannah’s story was quite deep) but Hidden Currents‘ narrative has a heaviness, a depth of cruelty and hopelessness that stiffens your whole body with tension and dread. When Feehan decides it’s time for her readers to sit up and take notice of the ever-growing and horrifying worldwide reality of human trafficking she doesn’t hold back and – It. Is. Intense. Nothing will prepare you for Elle and Jackson’s twisted tangle. It will make you sad, then angry, you might cry, but you will eventually smile and I hope that readers also hear the author’s message – human trafficking is a vile, vile plague on the world and everyone needs to be aware of it.

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