Earth Bound is Lexi and Gavriil’s story. With Lexi’s past abuse and ongoing mental trauma combined with her young age, I was surprised the author chose the second oldest Prakenskii as her match. Gavriil is a killing machine like his brothers but even more removed from humanity. Shadows are his home and debilitating pain his one and only companion. Outward impressions made me believe Lexi needed a lighthearted young man, allowing her to feel safe… not a trenchcoat wearing, stone-cold assassin. Good news!!! I was wrong (it does happen quite often occasionally). They are just sooo right – like Prakenskii circle palm brands right!

The Sisters’ farm (compound) (fortress) is expanding with each new Russian addition. I fully expect by the sixth book that a palisade of majestic, dome-topped pillars will surround the California coastal town of Sea Haven’s newest seven magically-paired couples. This fourth edition of the series follows the same pattern as its predecessors. There are still death warrants hanging over the Prakenskiis’ heads as well as dealing with and cleaning up the loose ends of the sisters’ past traumas. Both Lexi and Gavriil’s courage and resilience will warm up all your cold places and make you smile at the power of hope.

I really do NOT want my Sisters of the Heart Journey to end… and there are only TWO more books in the series! If you need your copy of Earth Bound the Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!