I’m not ashamed to admit that I was only looking forward to Fire Bound because it was the final stepping stone before reaching the ultimate goal, Bound Together, which is Blythe and Viktor’s story. I cannot pinpoint why exactly Lissa’s story didn’t call to me like the others. I assume it was a simple case of FOMO for the oldest and most revered of the Prakenskii brothers. Confirmation of favorites concluded, I did, in fact, enjoy Lissa and Casimir’s story and I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) at the twisty history of Lissa. We learned in Earth Bound some of Lissa’s future plans for Kastya and Uri Sorbacov though her life held even more complications than I imagined.

*Note – There is one problem I found with this book, and yes, it is minor but I just have to say it… The Cover… Lissa literally looks 40+! Why?! I have loved all the covers but this one. I’m sorry… it had to be said. It’s like granny can start fires kids… Read the book! It is amazing but Do Not look at the cover!

*Note – When the brothers get together – it is Magic!

Overall, this is truly a breathtaking series and I am so excited to begin the final book… hello Viktor💙

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