My Feehan journey continues with the Torpedo Ink series! The first book, Judgment Road is Reaper and Anya’s story – that’s right… Reaper ☠ who we met in the final book of the Sisters of the Heart series, Bound Together. Reaper is Viktor Prakenskii’s main Russian shield and all around cold-blooded killa🔪 Anya’s backstory holds your interest and her interactions with Reaper are… uhm… (in the words of Dora the Explorer’s backpack) yum, yum, yum, yum, yum Delicioso💙

What did I learn/enjoy about this new series:
1. Viktor Prakenskii’s biker family will make for one LONG series… YES!
2. The transition from the Drake Sisters, Sisters of the Heart and Torpedo Ink is seamless.
3. Character names are right up my alley (Black Dagger Brotherhood meets Assasin’s Creed meets Harley-Davidson).
4. Notes section at the end of the book, Terms Associated with Biker Clubs… Impressive and a lot of fun to read.
5. Comfortable with nudity? Torpedo Ink says Aye!
6. The tightwire intricacies Biker Clubs are ruled by.
7. I want Anya’s hair as my own (and maybe Savage… 😉)
8. Viktor is King in both series.
9. Gambling with Alena and Lana would be… terrifying amazing?
10. Living in an all-inclusive compound – totally down.

Torpedo Ink draws the reader into an entirely new world where Biker Clubs are top of the food chain, might makes right, and loyalty to brothers (and sisters) never wavers. Christine Feehan devotes just as much care and research into this new series as always. Her due diligence is appreciated and enjoyed!

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