Feehan has a startlingly large number of phenomenal series but there is just something absolutely addictive about the Shadow Riders. Shadow Warrior has been highly anticipated by all Feehan fans and as the 5-Star rating above suggests, it does not disappoint.

Shadow Warrior if the fourth book in the series. I’ll give you a rundown of my favorite characters/scene takeaways:

1. Grace kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner (minus the serial killer tagalong).
2. I hope Elie doesn’t get attached to E…
3. Vittorio’s lingerie taste is… questionable (someone hide the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog).
4. I am obsessed with Valentino Saldi ( totally believe he has some rider capabilities).
5. Taviano is definitely going to have competition for Nicoletta’s attention ( I do not believe DB is going to back off even after the ‘big announcement’).
6. The Shadow Riders series needs a baby Ferraro
7. Musing – could I manage submissive behavior to land an extremely attractive guy who also happens to hold a doctorates in B__ A_____y and is a devoted brother and lover? Twenty years ago I would have said, where you lead… I will dutifully follow😉 – middle age me, however, has waltzed through numerous reality checks – Sooo – present me… not a snowball’s chance.
8. I am obsessed with Emme and Val.
9. I am obsessed with Taviano and Nicoletta.
10. I enjoyed Grace and Vittorio’s story… I really did. You always get the entire Ferraro clan – but – with great hesitation – I admit to not really being excited about book 4’s release – it has always been about 5 and 6…
11. Red hair is my favorite.
12. Bathing while someone hovers… no thanks.
13. Grace really needs to learn to eat…Merry’s cooking sounds downright mouthwatering.
14. I need a pinstripe suit (I’m quite sure I have latent Rider powers).
15. Stefano is still a Boss.
16. I’m hungry – whoops – disregard (d___ you Merry with your white bean with blackberry salsa!).
17. Eloisa is horrible and yet… not.

I have about twenty more takeaways but they didn’t make the cut (mainly they were bedroom (really anywhere) contemplations… hello Feehan novels – so I’ll leave those gems for you to discover for yourselves).  Also, if anyone knows whether it is E or T that graces book 5 – let me know!

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