Wyvern’s Lair is the bridge connecting all the twisty plot power lines, and at its conclusion, the reader is set on a direct course to the Big Finale – and Holy Wow – what a dragon-soaring adventure that’s going to be! Having just read the (dreaded) last page, I noticed I was absently massaging the back of my neck… thank you, Shannon Mayer, for writing such an intuitive, intensely rich story that managed to keep me in a full-body tension tightrope from beginning to end💙💙💙 – No joke, Desert Cursed may be loaded with laughter, sharing, and caring but don’t let the sweet fool you – this series parallels extreme parachute cave jumping (This is an assumption… I have never cave jumped… because I’m not insane…).

*Note – I have a loose outline of how I think this series will end. I’ve given this an extraordinary amount of thought… So now I know what isn’t going to happen – my inaccuracy in second-guessing “The Mayer” is full steam ahead.

*Note – Should I be concerned about how much I secretly batted my mental eyelashes coquettishly in Marsum’s direction?

Zam, Maks, and Lila – the friendship triad of the year! (Someone tell me why Steve is still breathing…)

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