August 7, 2019… The day Hailey Edwards’ fans’ dreams came true. Necromancy’s new spinoff series and the first book in The Potentate of Atlanta, Shadow of Doubt is Georgia sweet. Fans shouted Hallelujah! from their rooftops followed immediately with a thirty-second arts and crafts moment where each glued and glittered Do Not Disturb signs. Ahhhh, there is nothing like it…

Before I get into how _ _ _ _ _ _ g awesome this new series is, let me take a moment to discuss Hailey Edwards’ writing. Every chapter, each paragraph, each sentence, the dialogue, and every well-placed adjective evokes flashing signs, still pictures, and cinematic nirvana – the reader tastes decadent squares of chocolate ganache, hears the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, your fingers trace the fine lines of the Faraday, we feel Midas’s fingers encircle our wrist, and we cringe as a phantom breeze carries the decomposed scent of decaying bodies. Edwards makes storytelling seem as easy as breathing.

I was initially skeptical that I would enjoy a series about Amelie cum Hadley POA in training, but as it happens – DYING – it is that good. Will Midas and Hadley hold a candle to Grier and Linus? Before you answer with an unequivocal no, I should tell you that Hadley has game, serious game and she is not playing around in the Peach State (it goes without saying that Midas Kinase is always Gold Medal ready). The political maneuverings and professionalism that both Hadley and Midas are bound to abide stretch translucent thin while working a string of gwyllgi murders. Tension, tension, tension (includes the sexual kind, my fave😉).

*Note – If the 20 Star rating didn’t grab your attention, I am strongly recommending this new series!

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