The Business of Blood is the first book in Kerrigan Byrne’s new series under the same name and my first foray into Byrne’s literary world (plenty of firsts and we aren’t even dating…). Initial reaction – Daaayum!!! Listen, I realize I’m throwing eloquence out the window, but this series is everything… E. V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G. BoB has a Ripper Street, Penny Dreadful, Frankenstein Chronicles (the Sean Bean one) vibe. It is dark and twisted. No. Too plebian a descriptor. Every page draws you further down Whitechapel’s dark alleys. Each word, paragraph, page –  senses are bombarded with color, red – hearing, screams – touch, post-mortem flesh – taste, ash. Heart pounding mystery awaits the reader brave enough to crack Byrne’s sinister cover. The Ripper lay quiet, biding his time until circumstances are beating the perfect macabre cadence. Jack is back… but he isn’t the only twisted killer haunting Whitechapel’s tarnished cobblestones…

*Note – Did I mention that Fiona has 99 Problems but a lack of possible suiters isn’t 1?

*Note – The Treacherous Trade – Book 2 – December 8, 2020
               A Vocation of Violence – Book 3 – 2021

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