She didn’t dare move, even as an enormous Lexar charged into the room at the speed of badass. Nia (Chapter 2, Loc 137)

If Gene Roddenberry had the dual authors of Vivienne Savage on his writing team, I imagine a Lexar race would have taken a United Federation of Planets slot. Which means people – had that occurred – we would be all, Captain Kirk who…

Savage has already delved into the Nova Force world, Tal-Amun is actually the fourth book in the Nova Force saga following Xander, Kaiden, and Gareth, whose space warriors are of Terren descent – human – where Amun’s tale focuses on the Lexar – alien.

Nia is a Terren scientist residing on a Lexar-patrolled planet researching a weapon to use against gigantic, hard-to-kill, people munching bugs (really nasty). Enter Exarch Tal-Amun. One Lexar inhalation later and it’s all – MINE PRECIOUS (I found Lexar mating and the artisanal challenges captivating). The authors not only make Biological weapons research fascinating but their skill at creating new and wonderful cultures boggles. As always, I’m uber impressed with the talent and imagination of Vivienne Savage.

*Note – Tal-Renen, a Devoted Lexar soldier, covered the briefest blip of pages but… Holy $#*!… her heroism choked me up! The Savage Team just destroyed my Zen!

*Note – Why 4.5 stars instead of the normal Savage 5? Lots of editing probs… Do they take away from the storyline? H@!l to the No. Do they make my inner grammar goddess sigh… yes.

This is just one of many Savage series available. Each protagonist, hero, plot, world, antagonist, heroine, alien, shifter, fairytale, and spaceship takes the reader on a delightfully, unexpected journey.

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