Right after Christmas my asinine allergies ramped up (well-played Allergen Demon) – sinus pressure, earaches… so, I coasted on meds, whiskey, and leftover cheeseball (thanks mom) and binged Leia Stone’s Dragons and Druids series – always a silver lining!!!

Skyborn. Earthbound. Magictorn. What you will love about the story (extremely abridged): Everything. What you will love about the characters (succinctly): Everything. Need more (why? but okay)? Sloane Murphy is a new shifter who discovers magic is real and that a s$!tl**d of Druid bigots realllly want to kill her. Thank Ricky Bobby’s Little Tiny Baby Jesus that a pack of shifters finds her in time! Does Sloane uncover past secrets? Not telling. Does Sloane become a BA magic user? Not telling. Is Sloane’s forever mate one of the pack? Not telling. Wait! Yes, I am! He so totally is!

Random bits that make this a feel good series to snack on: Logan, Keegan, Nadine, Dominic, Sophie, Danny, Isaac, Eva, Gear (etc., etc., etc., Stone puts EVERY character on a NEED TO KNOW more list) – trolls, pixies, dragons, wolves, teeth eating fairies, coyotes, hawks, lions, druids, sorcerers – hair eating potions, all-seeing eyes, Mother Earth power, tree healers, bare feet, purple flames – the best part, absolute friendship nirvana, love without end even in death, standing against intolerance and bullies, and last but not least, witnessing Sloane’s discovery of a World with Magic.

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