Two thumbs up for the phenomenal author duo Tate James and Jaymin Eve! Royals of Arbon Academy is one smoking hot new series! Violet is strong, resilient, intelligent, and loyal. Her life before getting chosen to attend Arbon consisted of foster home disappointments, violence, and absolute self-reliance. Violet has goals and they don’t include placing her faith in a bunch of self-involved royals – except her two new besties are twin royals and her first date compass certainly seems fixed in a royal direction… hey, some goals get tweaked!

Violet is thrown into a whole new world (deliberate use of Aladdin’s theme song 🧞) and it’s either sink or swim and our girl Vi is an Olympian swimmer!!! She may be hiding a few secrets but the Arbon college students are hiding a whole h@!! of a lot more. As Violet tries to covertly traverse her way through the world’s most prestigious, post-war college, she manages to land some pretty great friends, frenemies, and potential 💙(👉👌) interests. Remember these names: Violet, Alex, Rafe, Mattie, Jordan, Mattie, Nolan. Eve and James write into existence what I like to call crack characters. Once you read their names – #addicted.

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