Would I consider Elizabeth Briggs’ new Seraphim Academy series a reverse harem romance? Not really. I’ve been playing around with a new RHR sub-sub-genre (at least for the first book, Wicked Wings): 1. Seraphim Seraglio 2. Demon Diddling 3. Succubus Satisfaction – I’ll keep working on that.

All told, I’d like to lay on Briggs’ desk, nibbling on peanut butter, and have a front-row seat to this author’s thoughts (cause, you know… RHR authors have a lot of interesting thoughts). There are some readers that consider RHR just past this side of too much (judgy?), those that consider a multiple-partner series a buffet of all things delicious, and then there are bookworms like me who just enjoy a d@#n fine story and Wicked Wings ticks all my boxes! Characters that you love, dislike and even downright hate but hide multi-deep layers that game changes everything (e.g.: they’re going to be best friends – no, they aren’t; definitely boyfriend potential – h*!! to the no; surely he’s too old and… gross – wrong), parents who are pretty crappy, betrayal, arrogance, patience, unlikely friendships, finding peace and satisfaction in being different, and a magical, collegiate setting to rival Hogwarts. Seraphim Academy is a need gifter.💋

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