There is an extraordinary number of writers that are eloquent, that have imaginations that defy logic, those that draw one in, connecting their audience through awe-filled stories, characters that become a sweet remembrance tucked away, and then there are those where poetry touches every part of their body and soul – whereby one struggles to exist outside their words – the type of writer that makes a mockery of fiction, for surely there is nothing fictional that so fully embraces life. Cindy Brandner is a poet. The Exit Unicorn series is a triumphant saga spanning decades of the Irish Troubles. Where murder, espionage, kinship, passion, sacrifice, betrayal, and love collide over the verdant hills of Ireland.🍀

It has been four years since the fourth book released and I was nervous that I hadn’t managed the time to reread the series before Where Butterflies Dream dropped. So, I dove in blind feeling like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (my Hollywood name would be Kris Scribe in Tome Transporter)… no worries – The Exit Unicorn series is DNA compatible and my brain is its keeper.

The passage of time does not heal all wounds. As Pamela, Casey, and Jamie attempt their new normal, dangerous, grey clouds hover. Tragedy and triumph, broken and whole, Protestants and Catholics, dreams and reality. Brandner leaves nothing on the table, every emotion is painfully stretched. She creates boundaries and then smashes them to dust. This series has managed to change me, open me, and I hope that when I’m nearing the last of my golden years, the Exit Unicorn series will still be cherished in this old woman’s heart.

*Note on Pamela’s love interests – I was actually super bummed about Noah, but it was obviously not in Pamela’s stars. Jamie, I’ve always loved but I never thought he fought hard enough for Pamela or maybe it’s that he knows her that well. As standards go post-Renaissance – Casey measures high (I really wanted to write perfect, but no one really is… he kind of is though right???).

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