Demigods, Necromancers, Wolf Shifters, nosy Spirits, Giants, Berserkers, Love, Laughter, Friends, and absolute CHAOS await the reader brave enough to step into this otherworldly treasure trove!

Has K. F. Breene kept her BA Rep with the newest Demigods of San Francisco, Sin & Lightning? That would be a H@!!-2-the-Yesssssss! Keiran is flexing his Demi-muscles, the Six are slaying (technically 5, but… Jack will always count), Bria is still nuts, Mordecai is growing into his fur, Red (aka. pink Vette) – has been added to my Needs to be Friends with Me list, Daisy is scary and still fleecing America one offshore account at a time, so many newcomers with a side of BOOM, and Lexi has been practicing Soul Stealing like a champ – and doing it in a frumpily, fantastic way!

Kieran and Lexi’s story is winding down – not really – it is juiced and jumper cabled up! I grinned, laughed, frowned, and even experienced a few sniffable moments (but, I teared up on a Charmin commercial the other day – could have been because I longed for the days of easy TP gathering – suffice it to say, trusting what I consider ‘sad’ parts is a dicey business). All told, K. F. Breene is a Sure Thing author. She writes it. I will read it.

*Note – More toasted Brioche Breene breadcrumbs were dropped in Sin & Lightning where a certain beloved “Chester” is concerned – for those who are equally obsessed with this series… YOU. KNOW. WHO. I. MEAN. 🌼🌼🌼

*Note – Cat Spirit Jumping has some pretty interesting side effects. Big ones.👀

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