Okay… Amelia Hutchins just “wrecked” (😉) my brain! TF kinda ending was that?! Totally cliffhangerish! Author Endnote: Part II Coming Very Soon. Not soon enough, I can tell you! Embracing Destiny – I don’t even know how to use my words, my hands have forgotten how to type, my left eye keeps twitching… For those (nincompoops) people who haven’t started this book (or the series for that matter… really?) there are few revelations I will spill, but know this, the direction we all thought Ryder and Syn’s Fancy Fairytopian Line of Life Path was taking them – yeah – Palm Readers didn’t even see the devil forks in the road.

Hutchins let her genius shine and her seriously warped imagination (LOVE) run wild in this sixth Fae installment. Did I mention the tower overfloweth with babies? Every shape, size, color, drooling, fire breathing, forked tail, icy exhaling little bean of swaddled goodness is there for readers to imaginary-rock. Gods and goddesses are sneaking about the Horde like it’s a 24-hr McDonald’s offering free fries. Syn still straddles both worlds (and the Horde King), death comes to loved ones, Ryder’s daughter gets him to wear a tutu, lipstick, and hair glitter (not true – but funny to imagine…), in walks a stranger, new family, marital misadventures, and more D jokes than you can shake a stick at. Readers won’t know what they should be feeling from one page to the next. If Embracing Destiny were a movie, it would be listed as an adrenaline-pumping Action, Sci-Fi, Dark Comedy Drama, with a touch of Family (okay, maybe a stretch… but there are a LOT of related people in the story), a War-torn full-throttle Fantasy dipped in apocalyptic Disaster, and finished with a sprinkle of untraditional Love Story.

*Note – Here is the link to a review I wrote for the first five books in the series – in case you haven’t yet started The Fae Chronicles (which you will) – if you want the answers to life’s most pressing questions – or you just want to read about a LOT of good looking people killing bad guys. https://whiskeywitbook-reviews.com/book-reviews/fiction/fantasy/the-fae-chronicles-by-amelia-hutchins/

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