As much as I have enjoyed and fully embraced each Ferraro and their significant others, there are two shadowy riders of vengeance that I have awaited with bated breath – Taviano and Emmanuelle. Shadow Flight is Taviano’s story!!! Heartbreaking and Inspiring. Taviano is the youngest of Stefano’s siblings and has managed to hide some devastating past secrets from his big bro, surprising Rider fans who probably expected Nicoletta, an abuse survivor and Taviano’s shadow mate, to be the only one with a desperately sad past – not so – both their stories will tear your heart out – no worries – Christine Feehan may squish tickers like a boss but she also makes them stronger and beat harder – piercing sorrow like a master archer. In Shadow Flight Demon gang members get closer to taking back the beautiful, young woman they used to torment – they’re going to have a few unforeseen problems – First, Nicoletta is no longer a frightened, young teen. Second, Nicoletta belongs to the Ferraros – and no one messes with that family.

*Note – For fans who despise Mama Ferraro – this book will either make you double down at the loathing table or make you want to give her a hug… Not joking…

*Note – OMG, surely this means Shadow Riders #6 is Emmanuelle’s story!!!

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