In a world where magical Primes rule and Dud’s drool readers relish Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series for the fantastical Science Fiction, adrenaline-inducing House warfare, and the Baylor sisters, of course! Emerald Blaze is the fifth Hidden Legacy novel and the second focusing on midi Baylor, Catalina and her Italian Prime, Antistasi playboy, Alessandro Segredo.

If fans were expecting Baylor investigations to go awry, animal whispering, biomechanical monsters, Spider chases and spider bites, Italian assassins, singing sirens, secretive pregnant sisters, a terrifying abyss, scary mind-destroying grandmothers, and denied love, well, thank your little, tiny, baby Jesus – ’cause you are soooo getting it!!!

Ilona Andrews manages brilliant characters with highly charged interactions sandwiched in storyline nirvana. – after reading any of the HL novels, readers feel like they have run an unending gauntlet through minefields while dodging flaming asteroids – you will be wired, elated, euphoric but also crushed, wilted, and in need of a serious nap – no mental toll is too high, no wait is too long, Andrews’ jet-fueled series will break you and make you. More, please.

*Note – there is more whiskey in this review than wit – the nerves people – THE. NERVES.

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