Fallen Kings is one crashing crescendo passage after another. As finales go, Elizabeth Briggs left no sword unlit, no emotion unwrestled, no he shed turned she shed undecorated, no deception untapped, and… no sexual position untried. 😵 In the race to take down the Order of the Golden Crown, find the Staff of Eternity, and bi!#hsl@p the darkhunters into early retirement, all angelic and demonic hands are on deck… if only Olivia had Fred and George’s Marauder’s Map! Mischief Managed!!!

*Note – Dear Elizabeth Briggs, I hereby put in this most humble request, in accordance with the Earth Accords, that Lucifer receives his own series. Maybe titled Lucifer’s Merry Band of Demons, Designer Demon, or even Footloose and Hellspawn Free

Though Fallen Kings wraps up the Seraphim Academy trilogy, the author’s endnote gives her fans genuine love by announcing her plans to continue writing in this world! This series is all about being #Extra. Extra mystery. Extra good-looking characters. Extra intensity. Extra boyfriends. Extra fight scenes. Extra siblings… Seraphim Academy is Extra Extraordinary Fantasy!

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