Change of Heart is the third book in Hailey Edwards’ Potentate of Atlanta series and if the title makes you cautious of potential painful plot pretzels (yes… I 💙 alliteration) where a certain gwyllgi beta and potentate-in-training are concerned, consider yourself on the right track.🧐

This series was birthed in secrets… layers and layers and layers of them. Change of Heart rips a few hidden band-aids off (painfully). The creepy coven of death grabs Atlanta by its short hairs (too much?👀) forcing Hadley to woo every last ally in the city. Action, action, and more action! Someone get this author a crown – Edwards is Fantasy Royalty!

*Note – Three characters I didn’t think I would ever really like but am kind of crushing on: Tisdale Kinase (I may want to be her for Halloween), Remy (short for Remington??? She is a one-woman arsenal), and Ambrose (Oh, come on! He’s actually pretty cool in a creepy, can I please go to the bathroom alone, kind of way).

*Note – PoA is Hadley’s territory. So, why is it when Linus reaper’s his dark stillness into a conversation my attention TOTALLY fixates?! Dear Linus, Keeper of my Necromancy-Loving heart, stop interrupting my #HadMi focus. Sincerely, W&W💋

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