The juxtaposition of Poison and Honey’s colliding worlds warps the fine weft of your literary status quo. In one palm lies a Maleficient styled society hiding all manner of dangerous creatures and magical castes. The second palm cradles modern-day humans, stolen and enslaved, trying to survive the Others.

Readers will gasp at the fantastical marvels in the non-human Otherworld – skull-bears, monster boars, mermen, furry, blue, bat-winged otters, horned vampires, alchemist princes, castle kitchen creatures, sword fighting, royal intrigue, and deadly forests – combine this with human references like studio apartments, automatic weapons, tanning beds, automobiles, and overdue high school science projects with characters that fire the imagination, make you laugh, sigh over their soft touches and yearning glances, who dole out amusing (under your breath), contemporary slurs maligning their captors – and a must-read fantasy series is born. Kristen Brand weaves the dual-world storyline seamlessly – this author can write!

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