Desolation Road is the fourth book in Christine Feehan’s dangerously dark, motorcycle club series, Torpedo Ink. This is Absinthe (aka the mind crusher) and Scarlet’s story (aka the mysterious librarian). For your convenience, consider this mashup – Scarab.

I’ll get right to it – Why I gave Desolation Road 4.5 hearts instead of Feehan’s usual 5 – I don’t particularly care for books with a lot of BDSM, kinks, deviance, sadism, or fetishes, but I’m a hardcore reader people, so, I don’t let a few (too many) sex scenes throw me off. I skim what I’m not interested in and move ever onward toward the good stuff – ie: the Storyline and Characters, of which Feehan is divine at developing. This is why even though Torpedo Inks’s message is sometimes difficult to read and abounds in gratuitous sex scenes, I will continue to read the series. The characters are heartwarming and heartrending at once. They will make you feel every emotion, good, bad, and ugly. You will feel tainted from the depths of their forced degradations and then feel triumph as they unite against the worst society offers. Absinthe and Scarlet were both dealt bad hands, singly they forged themselves into deadly weapons, together they are even stronger – they are each other’s salvation.

*Note – All of the TI brothers and sisters have issues with loads of kinks, and Absinthe is no different. I won’t ruin his particular fetish… but I will say it could have been worse… Feehan could have made him a Brony😐

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