Ferro is an ancient warrior, a feared hunter, blooded monastery brother, and recent lifemate to Elisabeta. The moment I first learned of Elisabeta my heart stuttered, then pounded, and I knew she was a character that would detonate ripples of change in the Carpathian compound. Both Ferro and Elisabeta spent centuries protecting their souls, believing they would eventually find one another. Dark Song might be one of the sweetest, alluring, huggable books CF has ever written – no worries… there is still plenty of vampire battles, blood and rotten guts, but the sheer romance… Love. It.

I can’t believe this is the 34th Carpathian novel!!! I never tire of this world, Many thanks to CF for continuing to bring readers such memorable characters! An Amazon link for Dark Song is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!