In this fifth and final Avalon installment, Lord of Shadows continues to unveil Morwen’s reign of unabashed treachery, however, she isn’t the only player with precognitive powers and diabolical intentions. Rhiannon has bided her time, and though her manacles govern her magik, she knows there is always a hidden approach through the aether. Cael, too, is a bounty of mystery (as in, who is he really…) and appears to be piloted solely by revenge. Cael d’Lucy has haunted Rhiannon’s dewine sight with relentless foreboding. This powerful Daughter of Avalon has known her journey would see her a prisoner of the dragon lord… if only fate’s guiding hand had alluded to beware her heart’s engagement (Well played Goddess…).

With each turn of the page, the sisters and their champions are forming an ever-tightening phalanx around the Witch Goddess. Lord of Shadows is heart-poundingly dark. Its eerily prescient storyline is mesmerizing. The climactic battle has come.

Tanya Anne Crosby has created her own mythology – where history and legend collide – where folklore and craggy moors whisper their story – where the Daughters of Avalon roar!

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