Hold on to your fairy tale loving pants because GS has recommenced The Forest of Good and Evil! The first book in the series, The Evil Queen, wove in and out of Snow White’s mean Queen and company while her newest work weaves a not so fairy godmotherly Cinderella dark drama. The Glass Queen is nothing short of Brilliant!

All your favorite Apple Babies are present and accounted for, as well as Saxon, aka everyone’s favorite blue-winged avian, Ashleigh, aka the Glass Queen – add her to my list of Enchantia BFFs – and lest I forget… dragons! Prepare yourselves for bloody tournaments, obnoxious parents, stepsisters, birds of ‘pray’ you get to touch his feathers, blacksmithing, horse stable XXX, vegetation communication, and evil clingers! The Glass Queen is Magic! Magic! Magic!

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