Christmas came early with this second Shadow Guild series! Infernal finds loner librarian Seraphia hiding and haunted by a shadow man who is immensely scary, incredibly powerful, and a weapon of incendiary hotness (spoiler – lives down under and I don’t mean Australia)!

Growing up, it was impressed upon Seraphia to never, ever, ever use her magic because someone ‘bad’ was after her and could trace her magical signature, ‘bad’ things would happen if she was found by this ‘bad’ man, and try to just not enjoy life too much or ‘bad’ things would follow… Cryptic much Nana??? A fairly tall order while living in Guild City, a magical hub, full of magic users and close-knit guilds… again… thanks for all the info, Nana…

Infernal take-away – everyone houses light and dark, good and evil… some find balance, others choose to embrace one fully… ahem… Hades… dark much? However, there is a reason for every immortal god’s season, and I believe Seraphia is one librarian who isn’t afraid to speak her mind above a whisper.😉

No surprise, I give this newest Linsey Hall offering 5 smoking hot emojis!!!

*Note – Seraphia needs to look into Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bars… Seriously…

*Note – there are two more Hades’ books in this series that, according to the author’s website, are supposed to be dropping soon!

I am loving this second Shadow Guild series! I hope you all become Hades-Seraphia fans too! If you need a digital or hard copy of Infernal, the Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!