Knowing how Hadley and Midas like to tote their baggage around on their backs, it’s been surreal to witness the two bungle through setting up house – popcorn-munching moments abound – oh, and a LOT of interruptions… grrrrrrrr.

Thoughts after reading Proof of Life: So, we all know Ambrose is… naughty, but it seems there is a lot more to the ‘ole boy than chocolate munching and eavesdropping. If Remy wrote a ‘How to be Successful in Business’ self-help book, even though she is a figment of HE’s imagination… I’d read it. I’d be down for a Bishop spinoff (really down). Tisdale doesn’t need a man, but I’d like to see that particular Alpha dating. Things I knew in the PoA series to be absolute are actually not absolute. Coven is becoming a four-letter word in my head. Grier and Linus time is prevalent – TYLTBJ! Mentions of Star Trek – my heart is bursting! The yucky distaste of Boaz in my throat barely registers anymore.

I’ve got a gazillion more thoughts on The Potentate of Atlanta, but there’s really only one more thing I wish to share. I imagine anyone reading this review is already a Hailey Edwards fan. For those who are new to the HE Necromancy world, I’ll leave you with this – Edwards creates fantasy storylines like a person who has discovered the secrets of the Universe and decided she could one-up it – and she isn’t wrong. ✨💫✨

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