The third and FINAL👀 book in Kristen Brand’s Dark and Otherworldly series (… see thoughts on this below) releases November 30! The Cruelest Curse begins where Sting of Thorns left off. Dredarion, Leigh, and Salvador race to bring the Evensong Sword back to the Dwencanti palace before the Rashrang lay waste to their land and people. With dogged persistence, the unlikely trio forge onward only to find circumstances have changed dramatically for Dredarion’s family, and, unfortunately, the Evensong’s nasty temperament isn’t the only hurdle to maneuver at the Creepy Cannibal track and field event…

There isn’t one thing I would change in Dark and Otherworldly! Kristen Brand’s creativity is a pleasure to read and I can’t wait to see where her imagination takes her readers next!

*Note – Though I hate to sound like a whiner (not really… whining was my major in college), I really, really, really believe KB is not being honest with her fans – not exactly LYING, but perhaps building up for a dramatic SURPRISE!, this isn’t really the end of Leigh’s story!!! KB… let me know if (when) you decide to end this charade. 😵

I can’t believe it’s over, but WOW!!! I hope my subscribers have taken my advice and started reading this series!!! If you still need to play catch up, I’m placing Amazon links for all three books below (The Cruelest Curse releases November 30, 2020). If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! I would like to thank Kristen Brand for the ARC!