Ruins of Chaos should include a disclaimer page that goes something like this: 🔳 I am not a Robot. (If the reader is NOT, in fact, a Robot then this statement should follow.) Warning: If you are unable, or unwilling, to put down this book an Emotional Tsunami is imminent. Amelia Hutchins can NOT be held accountable for fans’ dry-cleaning expenses, red-eye Visine purchases, binge eating, alcohol consumption, increased libido (👀), wondering thoughts, or a preoccupation with purring and/or rattling.

Knox Karnavious and Aria Primrose Hecate together equal psychological whiplash. The entire series features bonus a$$-kicking scenes, world-blowing magic shows, monster purrs, and blackened witch bits. Hutchins is one of my best-loved authors, and without a doubt Legacy of the Nine Realms is my absolute FAVORITE! Both Knox and Aria come with emotional baggage (Knox can’t forget that a Hecate witch killed his wife and son – Aria’s own mother couldn’t get enough of attempted filicide, AND every wargame player in the Realms wants her as their pawn.


*Note – No word yet (that I’ve found… let me know if YOU know!) when the fourth book, Crown of Chaos, releases, but definitely some time in 2021!

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