What could be worse than growing up with abusive parents and be considered unworthy, an outcast, the wrong color, a fox shifter with only one tail? For Hana, the Japanese Saito clan’s resident punching bag, worse is NOT being flown around the world to marry a complete stranger – Cheers to a fresh, new start, a possible mate, her other half… dreaming of potential love… dreaming of belonging. Hana’s bright future dims after meeting Sawyer, son of Vax, Alpha to the largest and most powerful American Wolf shifter faction, the Crescent clan. Her destined mate, the man who is to treasure her above all things… is the man who rejects her, and with this ultimate betrayal, consequences are swift.

So far, the Kitsune’s Pack series has enough strong characters and storyline to keep me wanting more! Oh, did I mention Hana has three potential mates?🐺🐺🐺 Did I also mention that Hana’s best (and only) friend from Japan shows up… hmmm?🦊 Basically, C.X. Young gives her fans a delightful spectrum of dangerously layered characters – each dramatis personae is hiding something or hiding from something!

*Note – What happened to the BA, tomato juice swilling Luna, Isabella in Second Chance Mates???

*Note – I would catch h@LL from my subscribers if I did not mention that both books have A LOT of editing issues (4.5 hearts instead of 5). I usually would sigh and set the book aside… However, the series is just too good to quit! So, my advice, compartmentalize your inner editor, and enjoy Young’s creativity!

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