***Potentate of Atlanta has plenty of warm and cuddly moments, but Edwards layers each scene with enough shifter power, mystery, devouring dybbuks, sword fighting, Faerie gate crashing, and coven chanting maniacs to make her fans breathless!***

I believe this is the 17th Hailey Edwards’ review I’ve done – hey, when you’re a fan, you’re a FAN! HE’s Necromancy and Potentate of Atlanta series are two of my favorite things to discover in my mailbox – okay, I also adore her Foundling, Black Dog, Gemini, Lorimar, Araneae Nation, and Daughters of Askara series… what can I say, I’m all in! No one was more shocked than I was that Hadley and Midas share equal space in my heart with Grier and Linus – I’m still stunned to think it let alone write it… Following Grier’s childhood sibling besties (Amelie and Boaz) in Necromancy, I admittedly wasn’t a fan of either, and I’m still reserving judgment with Boaz, however, Amelie-now-Hadley is EVERYTHING a reader wants in an MC. Consider Moment of Truth a pinless grenade.

*Note – Whyyyy? Why, do I love Ambrose so very, very much?!

*Note – We learn a few things about the mysterious Bishop❣❣❣

*Note – I believe this is “supposed” to be the final book in the series – but HE might throw in an extra now and again (please Little, Tiny, Baby Jesus)…

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